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What We Do

 We are researchers, mentors and coaches to the world’s best sales teams. 

Our focus is on the emerging area of AI-for-Sales and the timeless subject of Sales as a Profession.

We offer our members online briefings and research to educate them on available AI-enabled sales solutions. To share our 40 years of experience mentoring sales teams, we make available a large library of best practice videos, coaching guides and conduct coaching sessions 1:1 or with a group.

Take a look at Sales Mastery.TV below for a few examples

Sales Mastery.TV

Take a peek at samples from our subscription video library

To enable you to have interactive conversations with your sales team, we make Facilitator’s Guides available for many of our videos.

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Who We Serve

CRO / CxO Programs

Even pros like you need a coach

We can learn from pro athletes. Some are at the top of their game, others have hit a rough patch. They ALL have coaches to help them improve.

Executives need a place to turn for accurate, timely feedback. They could use help navigating new situations and selecting the priorities to drive sales effectiveness.

So what's with the dogs?

 Simple, we’re dog guys. We think they set a great example that we aspire to: friendly manners, dedicated to the task at hand, loyal. If you don’t like dogs, likely, we’re not a good fit for you. No hard feelings, just sayin’…

Sales Enablement & Operations

Grow your function and your career

Sales Enablement as a function has been growing rapidly the past few years. 

We’ve been tracking this with our research and have organized our services to support your success.

Sales Managers & Reps

You don't need another tool or technique to do your job

What you need is simply to be left alone to do your job! We’re not here to take your time but, since you’ve wandered onto this page, we do have a couple thoughts for you. One is that, with very few exceptions, most reps do not have enough good stuff coming into and filling their pipelines.

Our Services

1:1 Coaching

1 hour quarterly reviews with insights and best practices tailored to your situation

Best Practice Briefings

A video library to share with your team. People, process, culture, strategy and more from Sales Mastery & friends

Customer Community

Case study analyses of successful companies like yours, bi-monthly group calls with other practitioners, and forum discussions of your projects/initiatives.

Tech Briefings

Analysis of latest sales technologies. Product overviews and comparisons to allow you to engage vendors when you are ready

New Research & Studies

In depth studies and research reports from our team and partners help you navigate and set priorities

Insights Archive

We've seen a lot and have written about it over the last two decades. You get access to our updated private collection

About Us

Using decades of experience leading sales research and advisory services we bring a unique perspective to our clients.

Our client work spans multiple industries and includes world-renowned companies: 3M, ADP, GE Capital, Cisco Systems, Salesforce, Direct Energy, Farm Credit Services, Dow Chemical, Corning, Fairchild Semiconductor, Harte Hanks, Federal Express, IBM, Accenture, VISA, HP, Barclays, Rockwell and Intel.

Jim Dickie

Research Fellow

Jim begain his career more than 30 years ago witih IBM and Sterling Software before launching two successful software companies. He was a co-founder of CSO Insights.

Barry Trailer


Barry is a past president of both Miller Heiman and Goldmine—a world-class sales training firm and a well-known provider of CRM applications, respectively. He was a co-founder of CSO Insights.

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