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Sales Math
Barry Trailer

Sales Math – The Impact of Discounting

The “lever” Sellers are quickest to reach for when confronted by a buyer’s resistance, sometimes ever before encountering any resistance, is discounting. What impact does a 5% discount have on your company’s overall profitability? You don’t have to be the CFO to care about this answer, or to understand it. This video walks you through step-by-step in just a few minutes.

Sales Math
Barry Trailer

Sales Math – Pipeline Principles

This video introduces the “3 V’s” of Pipeline Principles: Value, Volume and Velocity. Each is explained in simple, straightforward terms with examples and potholes to watch out for. As a Sales Manager, you’re constantly being hounded for your pipeline/forecast and, in turn, are hounding your Sellers for their pipelines and projections. Even with all this data captured in your CRM system and served up to managers daily on their dashboards, most managers do NOT understand the underlying principle to each dashboard gauge.

Sales Math
Barry Trailer

Sales Math – Time

This video asks a simple question to illustrate how poorly people conceptualize time; or more accurately, the passage of time. If you have a Seller whose deals keep “pushing out,” but who is still assuring you all is well, then you will want to watch this video. If you think shortening/compressing sales cycles is unquestionably positive, you will want to watch this video. If you haven’t considered (or calculated) the adverse impact of distractions on productivity, you will want to watch this video.

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Win/Win Part 3

How to make Win/Win operational. It’s easy looking back to see how and when a business relationship went badly. But how do you recognize and change course BEFORE a deal goes off the rails? This video presents a way for recognizing how things are going in REAL TIME. Simple yet powerful, this video will give you the tool to keep good deals moving ahead and cut your losses early on bad deals.

Barry Trailer

Win/Win Part 2

Four rules for playing Win/Win. Win/Win is NOT “Mr. Nice Guy,” or “Goody Two Shoes.” Win/Win is a model for successful interpersonal communications that requires both courage and compassion to do well. Straight talk, sincerely wanting to build lasting relationships, and being creative are all necessary elements for playing Win/Win

Barry Trailer

Win/Win Part 1

Introduction to Win/Win, the most essential concept to long-term business success. However, Win/Win is such a common term it has largely become jargon. This introductory video presents Win/Win and three


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